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Wood Transparent
  • Is engraving the same as hand-stamping?
    No it is not. We love metal hand-stamping because it is more unique; each imprint is made by hand using a hammer and metal shank with a different design on the end to displace metal . None of it is done via machine which, for engraving, removes metal for a more 'perfect' look.
  • What size tag should I get for my pet?
    This is very much an individual choice. I have people who have ordered our largest tags for their cats, and some of our smaller tags for large dogs. The best way to know what size to get is to print them out on paper to-size (ask us for a printing sheet), or draw them out using a ruler. In general: Cats & Small dogs: 19mm - 25mm Medium to large dogs: 25mm+ Large dogs to giant dogs: 29mm+ Size may also be determined by a particular design you want as all our metal stamps are a fixed size (though we may have purchased some stamps in multiple sizes).
  • Can you customize something for me?
    One of our favorite things about metal hand-stamping is the customization! Just send us a message with what you're looking for and we can provide a digital mock up to bring your idea to life. Custom aluminum shapes CAN be ordered, but there is an additional fee, minimum 4 week wait time, and the order must be pre-paid for in advance.
  • Can you provide me a mock up prior to stamping?
    At this time, rough digital mock ups are provided for nearly every customized order. We do this as customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and it can be nice to have a couple options to select from as not everyone loves the same thing. Please note though that digital mock ups are done via computer - sizing isn't 100% accurate and due to the nature of hand-stamping, it's impossible to get that exact spacing. The final product will not always be evenly spaced, straight or perfect. Hand-stamping does not remove metal but rather displaces it, which may cause some marks on the back. Outstamping Creations strives to keep these at a minimum, however deviations are a natural part of the hand-stamping process and truly make your piece one of a kind!
  • Can I design my own tag?
    Absolutely! If you are interested in designing your own tag, I can provide you with an excel document of shapes/design stamps for you to drag around and see what you like. Please note fonts are computer-specific so I would have to provide an image of words or names. Please note this excel document would require a compatible version on your end to work.
  • Is there a return policy?
    If you are having issues with something, please do not hesitate to contact us. Customer satisfaction is very important to us and we may be able to troubleshoot if you're having an issue with your order. That being said, all items, unless faulty or we have made a mistake with the order details you provided, are non-refundable. Please read item descriptions carefully and in full as we provide as much information as possible to help you make your choice of whether to purchase or not. If you are not sure about something please contact us prior to your purchase! If we have made an error or an item is faulty, we will either fix the item or remake and resend the item at our expense. Whether or not an item is faulty is up to the discretion of Outstamping Creations.
  • Where are materials sourced from?
    We try our best to source locally where costs allow. Our metal blanks are purchased from other small businesses who make them themselves. either in Canada or USA. Our fixings (jump rings, split rings, necklace chains) are mostly made in China (this is where most local materials are also sourced from!) so we choose to purchase directly from there to help keep overhead costs down. Our metal stamps (designs, letters, punctuation, numbers) are made by other small businesses either in Canada, the United States, or Serbia.
  • What is patina/tarnish? Will this happen with my item?
    Patina/tarnish is the natural darkening of metals as result of oxidation from the metal's surface being exposed to air. Think of a brand new penny - at first it's very bright, almost pink, and then over time it darkens. Many people love the antique look, but if you do not, it's easy to remove using something as simple as ketchup! Aluminum and Pewter (silver metals) do not patina. Brass, nugold, bronze and copper will patina over time. Exposure to water or chemicals will greatly speed up this process.
  • Will this product turn my skin green?
    If your skin turns green, it's due to a chemical reaction between your skin acids and the metal, or a reaction between something else and the metal such as lotion, perfume, etc. Even gold and sterling silver can cause your skin to go green or grey! The discoloration itself is not harmful, but if the metal is reacting to your skin specifically, you can use clear nail polish to coat the side that touches your skin. Some metals, such as aluminum and pewter, are much less likely to color your skin. Copper is medically proven to help ease the pain of arthritis. If using for health benefits, we do not recommend coating the inside as this prevents copper from providing this aid.
  • Do any of the metals you use contain nickel or lead?
    No, all our metals are nickel and lead free!
  • How quickly will my order be made?
    Orders are currently stamped within 24-48 hours once payment has been received assuming the design(s) have been finalized and don't need a response for alternative or clarification.
  • How quickly will I receive my item(s) if shipped?
    Orders are shipped in Winnipeg 8 am Tuesdays and Thursdays via Canada Post Oversized Lettermail unless specified otherwise. This option provides the most affordable shipping, but is uninsured and untrackable. If you would like tracking and up to $100 in insurance items can be registered for an additional $10 and $2.50 per additional $100 in insurance if needed. From Canada Post website: Regular mail is delivered within 2 business days within a city, in 3 business days within a province, and in 4 business days nationally (excluding the day of mailing). These time frames are not guaranteed, as weather and mail volume can affect delivery. Please note that we have seen extended delivery times around holidays or bad weather so if you do not want to pay for express shipping, order gifts early! We will not be held accountable for orders arriving beyond an expected date - please choose the appropriate shipping method or consider picking your order up in person if it is time sensitive.
  • I need an item FAST! Do you offer rushed service?
    In most instances I can accommodate a rushed order as long as it's not huge or complicated. Depending how rushed you are, orders should be shipped utilizing a faster shipping method, or picked up from my residence (8 minutes southeast of Oakbank).
  • Can you meet me somewhere in the city, or personally deliver my order?
    I am sorry, but we do not offer meet ups or personal delivery.
  • It's been X weeks and my item hasn't arrived yet! What do I do?
    If you chose regular mailing, this option is untraceable and uninsured. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery, but if by then your item hasn't arrived, it is likely lost in the mailing system. While we have yet to lose an order via this option, please note once the package leaves our hands it is up to Canada Post to deliver and we are not responsible if it gets lost. That is a risk that comes with the cheapest shipping option, and we strongly recommend you upgrade shipping if you do not like the idea of this scenario. If you chose an expedited shipping option, Canada Post will have provided you with tracking information. Please contact them for further information, and as to whether or not your can make an insurance claim for a package that did not arrive. If you would like us to remake and reship your order, please note it would be at full price.
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