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We donate 10% of every sale to one of the cat/dog non-profits below. We also donate gift certificates for fundraising to other rescues!

Read about the different amazing organizations we support below. At checkout you get to choose which one will receive the donation part of your order!

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This organization is near and dear to my heart. In 2013 they took in an emaciated kitten I found with a rotten, broken front leg and dislocated shoulder. She was fixed up and a month later we ended up adopting her.


Craig Street Cats is a non-profit organization working to humanely reduce Winnipeg's free roaming cat population, rescue kittens and educate the public about community cats.  CSC is the largest cat specific animal welfare organization in Winnipeg, caring for over 500 cats in its managed colonies, foster homes and adoption center.


Pictured is Blake, one of our past fosters through Manitoba Underdogs. At just 4 weeks old he needed his eye removed and thanks to them he got the medical care he needed!


Manitoba Underdogs Rescue is a registered charity and non-profit organization. They are foster home based with a volunteer team of over 600 individuals. Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, care for and ultimately seek out permanent and loving homes for Manitoba's unwanted animals. They are always looking for fosters to be able to continue bringing dogs into care!


RAMS Adoption Center was formed in June 2022 by the team at RAMS Animal Control, who picks found animals up almost daily within the RM of Springfield, MB. Many of these animals are strays or unclaimed by their owners. These animals are then transferred to the RAMS Adoption Center where they are provided veterinarian care and put up for adoption. Their goal is to find loving furever homes for all animals in care.

Newfoundland Dog Club of America Charitable Trust

The Newfoundland Club of America Charitable Trust was founded in 1997 to secure donations for health research, rescue work, educational activities and junior scholarships.

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